For "Thing 10" we stay with Delicious and look at library use of Delicious and Delicious networks.

1. Several libraries in Oxford are using Delicious to recommend web pages to readers. Take a look at the Delicious page of one of the libraries listed in the web 2.0 directory. (Alternatively, if you prefer to look at an individual’s Delicious bookmarks check out Phil Bradley's Delicious page @ )

2. You can add other Delicious users to your network so that you can easily view their bookmarks. Add one of the Libraries listed in the web 2.0 directory or another Delicious user of your choice to your network.

First you need to know the Library or user’s username. You can find this out by navigating to their Delicious page and copying the last part of the URL (e.g Philbradley, vhllib, HFLOxford, NuffieldCollegeLibrary, EDLIBOxford, earlybooks).

Then choose “People” / “Go to user” and paste in the username.

Finally choose "Add to my network" (on the right).

2. Navigate between your own bookmarks and the users in your network. Choose "Network" to view the bookmarks of users in your network and choose "Bookmarks" to view your own bookmarks

3. Record your impressions of using Delicious networks on your blog. Don't forget to tag your post "Thing 10"

More things

1. Subscribe to the RSS feed associated with one of the delicious users in your network by clicking on the orange RSS icon at the bottom of their list of bookmarks. Note: you can subscribe to bookmarks with a particular tag by clicking the tag first and then the RSS icon.

2. Use Delicious network explorer ( to find other users to add to your network.