You may view and print a summary of the programme here.
Week 1 – Introduction and personalised homepages (drop-in Monday 18/01/10 14:00-17:00)
1. Set up your Google ID
2. Customise your iGoogle page so that it contains at least 5 gadgets
Week 2 – Blogging
3. Create your own 23 Things blog and make your first post
4. Register your 23 Things blog and explore others
(Blogs: explore further)
Week 3 – RSS Feeds
5. Sign up for GoogleReader and add the RSS feed from the 23 Things blog
6. Find some more feeds to subscribe to
(RSS: explore further)
Week 4 - Online photos and images (drop-in Wednesday 10/02/10 14:00-17:00)
7. Create a Flickr account, upload some of your own photos, tag them and add descriptions
8. Go to the Picnik site and connect to your Flickr account, try out the different editing tools on your photos and save them back to Flickr
Week 5 - Social bookmarking and tagging
9. Sign up for a Delicious account, bookmark and tag some of your favourite web sites
10. Add other Delicious users to your network so that you can easily view their bookmarks
Week 6 - Podcasting / YouTube (drop-in Monday 22/02/10 09:00-12:00)
11. Find and listen to some podcasts which interest you
12. Search YouTube for some videos on a topic of your choice and discover YouTube channels
Week 7 - Social networking
13. Write a blog post about how libraries can use different features of Facebook to connect with their users
14. Explore and sign up for LinkedIn
Week 8 - Twitter
15. Sign up for Twitter and find people to follow
16. Start engaging with your network using @replies and retweets
(Twitter: explore further) 
Week 9 - Wikis
17. Explore and contribute to a wiki
18. Discover Wikipedia
Week 10 - Office 2.0
19. Create a Google Document and share it with another 23 Things participant
20. Sign in to ThinkFree Office with your Google ID and try its Write application
Week 11 - Widgets
21. Use a blogger Gadget to display your Flickr photostream on your blog.
22. Use a widget to put your Delicious bookmarks on your iGoogle page
Week 12 - Summary of experiences
23. Summarise your thoughts on the 23 Things @ Oxford programme and register completion via Google Form

All drop-in sessions will be in the RSL Training Room, and are opportunities for you to come along for help and support if you need it.  They are not compulsory and there is no need to book.

You may view and print a summary of the programme here.
Please see also About 23 Things