Thing Twenty-One:

Use a Blogger Gadget to display your flickr photostream on your blog.

First you'll need to go to your blog Dashboard, and click Layout. Now, click on Add a Gadget in the position where you would like to display your flickr photostream.

In the Add a Gadget window that appears, click on the second item on the left, Featured. A choice of 15 Gadgets will appear - scroll down to Flickr Photostream, then click on the plus sign to add it.

In the Configure Gadget window, you will need to enter some information. The most important is your flickr username - when you enter this correctly, you should see your photos appear in the window. The height field doesn't seem to have much effect, I changed it from 200px to 400px with no noticeable change. You can set the number of thumbnails you want to display - also the title for the Gadget, whether you want a link to your flickr pages, and what the link text should be. Click Save when you are finished, then click Save on the Layout page to finalize your changes.

Additional things:

Add current Google news headlines on topics of your choice to your blog with the Newsreel Gadget.

Use the Blogger Layout interface to rearrange the Gadgets on your blog.