(Updated for 2011 - new wiki!)

There are quite a few wikis in use in Oxford libraries, and the Web 2.0 Working Party has been using a wiki to collate information about use of web 2.0 tools in Oxford and share experiences among Oxford librarians.

  • Go to the Oxford web 2.0 wiki at http://socialoxfordlibs.wikispaces.com and browse through the content there. This site is a perpetual work-in-progress and contributions are always welcome.(NB, there was a previous version of the wiki at http://socialouls.wetpaint.com - this wiki is still available but is closed for editing)
  • The site is open to anyone to view, but if you want to contribute you need to sign up. You can either create a user ID on Wikispaces, or sign in with your Google account (choose OpenID as the sign-in method). You have now explored quite a lot of the tools listed, and you may find that information on the wiki is incomplete or out-of-date. If so, or even if not (!), find a page to edit and add your thoughts and examples. To edit a page, once you are logged in, click on the 'edit this page' button at the top. NB, before you can edit, you will need to be approved so you may need to come back to this task later.
  • If you have implemented any web 2.0 tools in your library, and you or they aren't listed on the wiki, please create a page for your library in the case studies section. To create a page, click on the case studies page in the left-hand menu, and then click on the 'new page' link just above that menu. Name the page after your library. Once the page has been created, you can edit it in the same way as above. Be sure to return and add more information in future if you introduce new web 2.0 services!
  • Write a post on your blog summarising your contributions and thoughts and tag it 'Thing 17'.