If you have completed Things 5 & 6 and are keen to explore further you might want to take a look at some of the additional features of Google Reader listed below:

Item options

At the bottom of every item in your reader you will see a toolbar of options which allow you to highlight and share the item. You can

  • add a star to mark an item as a favourite

  • share an item on your shared items page or email it to a friend

  • mark an item as unread to indicate you want to return to it later

  • add a tag to an item to group it with other items on the same topic

Manage subscriptions
Create folders to group your feeds into categories e.g. work, home

  • Click 'Manage subscriptions' at the bottom of the left-hand navigation panel

  • On the Subscriptions tab use the 'Change folders' drop-down menu to create new folders and add your feeds to them.

Change the settings on your shared items page
When you sign up for Google Reader a shared items page is automatically created. You can use this to share items with your friends or make it completely public.

  • Click 'Shared items' in the left-hand navigation panel

  • From the content that loads in the main section of the page click the 'Sharing settings' link

  • On the settings page you can choose whether to make your shared items public or private, set who can comment on your shared items and customise your shared items page.