Your next step is to locate some more blogs and websites to subscribe to.

Be aware that not all website/blogs have buttons like the one on this blog which allow you to easily subscribe to feeds using Google Reader. In some cases you will have to copy and paste the feed's URL into your reader following the steps below:

  • Once you have located the site's RSS feed right click on the link and choose 'Copy Shortcut'
  • Open another tab or window and sign in to your Google Reader account
  • Click the 'Add Subscription' button at the top of the left-hand navigation panel. Right click in the text box that appears and choose 'Paste'.
  • Finally click 'Add' and you will see the site's feed added to your subscriptions.

You should aim to subscribe to at least another 5 feeds. Why not try subscribing to the feeds from

  • the blogs of fellow 23 Things participants. A list can be found on the 23 Things blog
  • the blogs of other UK libraries and librarians. A directory can be found on the UK Library Blogs wiki.

You can also use dedicated blog search engines such as Google Blog Search and Technorati to identify blogs and blog posts on specific topics of interest.

And finally don't forget to write a post on your blog to show how you got on this week!