Thing 2

Customise your iGoogle page so that it contains at least 5 gadgets.  To do this, click on 'Add stuff' and browse by categories (on the left-hand side), see what's popular by clicking on 'Most users', what's new by clicking on 'Newest' or use the search box.

If you have chosen Time or Weather, edit the settings so the information is accurate for where you are. Change the Theme of your iGoogle page – choose any design that pleases you. 

You could change your web browser’s settings so that your iGoogle page is your homepage.

How to change your browser’s homepage

Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher
Go to the Tools menu and choose Internet Options.
Click on the General tab.
In the Home page section type in
Click Apply.
Click OK.

Go to the Tools menu and click Options.
Click the General tab.
In the Location box, type
Click OK.


Open Safari and in the Safari menu select Preferences.
Click the General icon.
In the Home page section type

Click Navigation on the menu bar.
Click Set Home Page.
In the text-entry box, enter

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