Thing Eight:

This thing involves editing some of your uploaded photos using the free online tools at picnik.

Visit the picnik site and click on the "Get started now!" button. Once the main picnik page loads, look for the text "Open your photos from wherever they are" and click on the pink and blue dot flickr icon just below it.

On the next page, click the Connect button, which will let picnik to access your flickr photos once you enter your flickr/Yahoo credentials. After you've made the connection, you'll see your flickr photostream appear. Click on a photo to select it (it will then be highlighted) and click on the little gear that has appeared at the bottom of its frame. From the menu that appears, select edit.

Now you will have some editing tools in a bar across the top of the page. Try some of them out, and when you've finished, click on the Save & Share tab for various options including saving the edited version of your photo back to flickr.

Be sure to write a blog entry about how you got on with picnik, including the tags "Week 4" and "Thing 8". Do include some images to show off your editing skills if you can!

Additional things:
  • Download and install Google’s Picasa 3.1 editing software on your home computer.