As I'm sure everyone this affects will now know, @ouls email addresses are changing to @bodleian from next week. If you have used your @ouls email (or other library-specific one such as @ssl) to sign up to the various sites as part of 23 Things, you will need to update your account details to reflect the change. Below are instructions for doing so for all the sites we've covered:

Google (including iGoogle, Blogger, Google Reader and YouTube)

  • Go to and sign in with your old email address and password. If you are starting from your iGoogle page, then click on the arrow next to 'settings' on the top right hand corner and select 'Google Account Settings' from the list. This will bring you to the same place.
  • Under 'personal settings', click on 'change email' next to 'security' (at the top of the list). Don't click on the 'edit' button by where your current email address displays, as this doesn't actually allow you to edit the address, despite what it looks like!
  • Delete your email address from the 'new email address' box and type the new one in instead.
  • Enter your password in the password box.
  • Click on 'save email address'
  • You should then see a screen saying 'verify new email address' and explaining that Google has sent you an email.
  • Log in to your email, where you should shortly receive two messages from ''. One will be entitled 'Google Accounts: Email change notification' and the other 'Google accounts: Email change verification'.
  • In the second email (the verification) one, click on the link (or copy and paste into your web browser). You should then see a screen that says 'New email address verified'.
  • Go to and click on 'sign in'
  • Click on the drop down arrow next to 'You' and click on 'Your account'
  • Click on 'email' and then 'edit' on the far right-hand side next to the your email address.
  • Under 'add another email address', type your new email in the box and then click 'add this'.
  • You should now see a green tick at the top of the screen, and a message asking you to check your email.
  • When the email arrives from Flickr, click on the link in it to confirm the address.
  • Return to Flickr and navigate to your list of email addresses (steps 1-3 above).
  • Click on the blue 'set primary' button next to your new @bodleian email address. You should see a message saying that your new primary address is xxxx.xxxx@bodleian...
  • Now click on the red 'delete' button next to your old @ouls (etc) email address. Click OK in the pop-up box that appears to check you are sure.
  • You should now see another green tick and the message that the email address has been deleted.

    • Go to and click on 'sign in'
    • Log in either with your Yahoo ID or with your delicious username.
    • Click on 'settings' in the top right-hand corner
    • Click on 'edit account info' under 'Account'
    • Delete the email address listed and type your new one in in its place
    • Click 'save'
    • You should now see a screen with a green tick and a message that your account info has been changed.