I'm reactivating the blog with some information for 23 Things participants (and other interested observers) about next steps if you are interested in taking web 2.0 further in your libraries or across Oxford.  

Web 2.0 Wiki
As you discovered in Thing 17, we have a web 2.0 wiki set up which acts as a repository for information and a forum for sharing experience for Oxford libraries using web 2.0.   If you are inspired to introduce web 2.0 services or use web 2.0 tools in your library, you may find the wiki a useful source of support.   It would also be great if you could update it yourself and let other people know what you're doing and how you're getting on, by adding or updating your library page in the Case Studies section.

Web 2.0 Directory
As well as the wiki, which is primarily staff-focused, there is a directory of libraries' web 2.0 services on the Bodleian Libraries website.   It is maintained by Alison Prince, so please email her to let her know if your library introduces any services so that she can add you on.

Web 2.0 Working Party
This was set up in 2008 to look at the use of web 2.0 in Oxford libraries.   Our next meeting will be in June and will look at where the working party goes now, following the success of 23 Things and hopefully an expansion in web 2.0 services across the libraries.   We're always happy to have new members, and if anyone is keen to get involved, please email me (jane.rawson@bodleian.ox.ac.uk) and I'll get you signed up!